Seminar on AlphaTensor – Francisco Ruiz (Google DeepMind)

We were honored to host Francisco Ruiz, Research Scientist @ Google DeepMind, for an online seminar on AlphaTensor, last Tuesday 05/12 evening.

AlphaTensor is a Deep Reinforcement Learning agent designed to automatically discover fast algorithms for matrix multiplication, a mathematical operation ubiquitous in science and engineering. It discovered new improved algorithms, with heavy impact on theory and practice.
Francisco spoke about its development and shared firsthand insights into its design.
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SIAM Career Event

We were delighted to host Matthew Wiener, Justina Ivanauskaite and Radu Popescu for a Career Event, last Monday 04/12 evening. They presented their experience working in Applied Math, Computational Science or Data Science in different industries (from pharmaceutical to supply chain management to high-performance computing…), making these career paths more concrete to Master and PhD students in those fields. The event was followed by a networking apĂ©ro. Memento link