Seminar on AlphaTensor – Francisco Ruiz (Google DeepMind)

We were honored to host Francisco Ruiz, Research Scientist @ Google DeepMind, for an online seminar on AlphaTensor, last Tuesday 05/12 evening.

AlphaTensor is a Deep Reinforcement Learning agent designed to automatically discover fast algorithms for matrix multiplication, a mathematical operation ubiquitous in science and engineering. It discovered new improved algorithms, with heavy impact on theory and practice.
Francisco spoke about its development and shared firsthand insights into its design.
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SIAM Career Event

We were delighted to host Matthew Wiener, Justina Ivanauskaite and Radu Popescu for a Career Event, last Monday 04/12 evening. They presented their experience working in Applied Math, Computational Science or Data Science in different industries (from pharmaceutical to supply chain management to high-performance computing…), making these career paths more concrete to Master and PhD students in those fields. The event was followed by a networking apéro. Memento link

Fête des maths @ EPFL

Very happy to have had so many people come by our booth at the Fête des maths @ EPFL last Saturday (Nov 25th)! Members of the student chapter presented some of their numerical experiments, from fluid models of plasma, to thermal cloaking solutions, to simulation of blood flow in a carotid artery. Visitors of all ages and backgrounds stopped by, including an unexpected celebrity visit, Maryna Viazovska!


We are happy to relay the announcement of the program Scimpact organized by Reatch, which may be of interest to some students at EPFL:

You want to learn how to write a good blog-article or moderate a discussion? You want to be part of a young science community that wants to make a difference? Welcome to Scimpact! Scimpact is a training program for young people who want to bring science into societal debates. The program consists of hands-on workshops and 1:1 coaching, lasts 4 or 8 months and offers you the chance to organize a public event! Apply by September 30 at

G-Research Quant Finance Challenge

On Thursday 3rd November 2022, G-Research came to the EPFL campus for a “Quant Finance Challenge”, an algorithmic trading-based game. In teams of 2-3, over 100 Master, PhD students and postdocs tried their hands (and their Python skills) at a few problems inspired from quantitative finance.

The Challenge was followed by pizza and drinks, and the opportunity to discuss with Quant Researchers and Machine Learning Specialists from G-Research.

Jane Street estimathon

We hosted two events organized by the trading company Jane Street, on Thursday 10th March 2022, in collaboration with CLIC and EPFelles (two student associations from EPFL). Slightly over 130 participants joined for

  • a Tech Talk by Andrey Mokhov from Jane Street: “Algorithmic challenges in build systems and incremental computation”,
  • and an Estimathon Game, where teams had 30 minutes to work on a set of 13 estimation problems, the winning team being the one with the best set of estimates.

This was followed by pizza and a Q&A with a Jane Street Trader, Software Engineer, and Recruiters.


We are happy to organize the seminar A mathematical Perspective on Aerospace Engineering. The event will take place on Tuesday 7th December 2021 at 5:15 PM CET and it will be held in a hybrid format:

We are very glad to welcome:

  • Anthea Comellini from ESA (European Spatial Agency) for GMV – online

         Title: The role of a flight dynamics engineer at the European Spatial Agency

  • Adam Koskso from MTU Aero Engines – online

         Title: A complex problem for turbofans: non-linear forced response and its sensitivities for anisotropy mistuned bladed disk

  • Florian Cottier & Jules Eschbach from EPFL Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Team – in person

         Title: Orbital debris: issues and data analysis

For organizational purposes, we kindly ask you to register via the following Google Form.

Please note that a COVID certificate will be required in order to attend the seminar in person.

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the EPFL chapter of SIAM will be held on the 10 September at 1 PM in the PhD common room at the third floor of the MA building. In this occasion, we will discuss the roles within the new committee, as well as the activities for the new academic year!

Everyone is welcome to join!


The committee of the EPFL chapter of SIAM