Photos from the SIAM Graduate Research day 2017 @ EPFL

Congratulations to Martin Barry for winning the Best Talk prize, and thanks to all the speakers for participating! Stay tuned for the 2018 edition.

SIAM Graduate Research Day 2017 @ EPFL

Join us December 5th in room MA A3 30 at 17h15! Five students signed up to each give a 10 minute presentation on the research projects they’ve been working on:

  • Gauthier Muguerza Bengoechea, Stochastic Gradient Methods applied to Riemann Optimisation
  • Adam Halmi, Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications in Interest Rate Modelling
  • Aleksa Stankovic, Bayesian Inverse Problems in Infinite Dimensional Setting
  • Andrea Scaglioni, Assessing Surgical Devices with Computational Hemodynamics
  • Martin Barry, Neural Implementation of Learning by Surprice

There will be a best talk prize + food, snacks and beverages kindly sponsored by SIAM.