SIAM Graduate Research Day 2016 @ EPFL

The first SIAM Graduate Research Day at EPFL will take place July 1st 15:00 in CM2 MA A3 30. 6 master students working with different applications of mathematics and computational science will each give a 20 minute talk presenting their recent work. After the presentations, we welcome all participants to an apéro with catering from Gina’s served at the MA building 3rd floor terrace. If you wish to participate, sign up here as a member of the chapter, and then fill in your name in this doodle.

  • 15:00 – 15:20. Sungyeon Hong, Persistent Homology and its application to Neuroscience
  • 15:20 – 15:40. Giacomo Garegnani, Uncertain Darcy’s problem and the Stochastic Particle Transport
  • 15:40 – 16:00. Joana Catarina Machado, Modeling and Predicting users’ privacy Decisions in Mobile Devices
  • 16:00 – 16:20. Léo Aurélio Diserens, Inverse Problems in Tumor Growth Modelling
  • 16:20 – 16:40. Lie He, WENO Reconstruction for 2D Euler Equation and Its GPU Implementation
  • 16:40 – 17:00. Francesco Mazzurco, Accelerating Mirror Methods for large-scale Eigenvalue Optimization Problems

See you at the SIAM Graduate Research Day 2016 @ EPFL!